What I Wore: Easter Sunday

I have always loved Easter. When my sister and I were little, my mom would have Easter baskets waiting for us when we woke up, and eggs hidden all over the house stuffed with candy and coins. After the festivities, it was a rush to get our Sunday best on, and out the door to church and then brunch at my Nana’s.

These days it’s a little different. There’s no Easter basket waiting for me, I just buy the Reese’s eggs by the bag for myself and eat them all in one sitting (anyone else?). I am, however, usually still rushing to get dressed and out the door to brunch at Nana’s. This year I did actually plan ahead, but due to the not so sunny weather (thank you, Pacific Northwest), I had to make a last minute change for a more comfortable and weather appropriate ensemble. I ended up going with this white jumpsuit stashed in my closet, and stuck this soft pink sweater over it, as it’s a sleeveless jumpsuit, to make it a little more weather appropriate. I also love that it makes the jumpsuit look like pants. So versatile, and makes for a completely different look. 

The shoes I paired it with were actually my wedding shoes! When I purchased them, I kept in mind how I could style them in the future, and this was the perfect time to bust them out. Because the rest of the outfit was pretty muted as far as colors and patterns go, the pop of metallic with a bow detail added the perfect touch, along with beaded hoop earrings. The whole ensemble was perfect for piling my plate with brunch items (nice and loose!), and sipping on some pink champagne.

Have you styled a jumpsuit as pants? I think this is a trick I’ll try out again! I love that it makes a jumpsuit seem like a whole new piece. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend, and thank you so much for reading!


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