Spring+Summer Beauty Favorites

I am a beauty junkie. There’s no way around it. I simply love makeup, it’s a daily part of my routine, and it’s something I enjoy experimenting and creating with. I am by no means an expert, or an aspiring makeup artist of any kind, I really just enjoy pretty things!

When warmer weather rolls around, I like to add in some new products to my routine that reflect the season we’re in (read: glow glow glow!). Today I’m talking about all my current faves, and how I mix them into my routine.

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1. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

I love using this shimmering powder to give my look an overall glow. It’s usually something I reserve for evenings if I’m using it for an all over airbrush effect, but it’s great as a daytime highlighter, and even for a quick wash of eyeshadow. I use the shade ‘Soft and Gentle’, but they’re all just as pretty!

2. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

The more natural and subdued counterpart to the above, this powder is a product I use in my daily makeup routine. It gives such a silky soft finish, and a surprising amount of coverage. I feel that it really locks my foundation in, but saves me from looking cakey or chalky. No matter how many setting powders I’ve tried, I always come back to this one. HG for sure.

3. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Another daily use product, I love this concealer. Just like it states in the name, it delivers creamy + radiant coverage over my dark circles. Aside from my every day look, when I’m looking to attempt a major contour/highlight look, I reach for this concealer, too!

4. Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

I discovered this brand a few months back, and for no real rhyme or reason decided to give the glycolic serum a try. While it does target many of my biggest skin concerns, there was no real reason I chose this brand specifically. I have always battled breakouts, and with that can often come scarring and discoloration. This serum has been a godsend in helping me combat those issues, and is something that I work into my nightly skincare routine. Just be sure to always follow up with a heavy moisturizer, as it can be drying on the skin.

5. BECCA Pressed Highlighter in ‘Champagne Pop’

If you’re any bit of a makeup junkie like me, then you’re probably already well aware of this HG product. Having been a fan of Jaclyn Hill for years, I rushed to purchase her then limited edition highlighter with BECCA. That was back in 2015 and I’m STILL using this on the regular. It delivers such a beautiful glow, I use it for both day and night looks.

6. MAC Lipstick ‘All Fired Up’

This is my go to red lipstick, and because of this I am hesitant to use anything else! In the tube, it appears more pink than red, but when worn it feels like a true red, at least on me. Every time I wear this I am asked for the color, and it’s not hard to see why-it is both striking and flattering. It’s a bright shade I feel comfortable wearing day or night, and is a mainstay in my makeup bag.

7. Urban Decay NAKED Palette

I use this palette every single day. There are a few colors I use more than others, but I have found a use for every one at some point. This palette makes it easy to create an effortlessly soft look for work, or a more sultry and dramatic look for a night out. It also comes with a double ended brush, which is great for on the go.

8. Fage Total Greek Yogurt

Yogurt as a favorite beauty item? No this is not a mistake! One of my favorite masks is an all natural, DIY Greek yogurt mask. Not only is it easy, and probably something you already have in your fridge, it’s practically free. I simply scoop a table spoon of the stuff onto my face and smooth over evenly, leaving it on for anywhere from 15-30 minutes. After rinsing, my skin is always noticeably smoother, and a little more radiant. I recently started mixing it with turmeric, and after about a week of use I noticed some major fading in my acne scars. If you give this a go, just make sure your yogurt is full fat and PLAIN!

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit

I love this palette because it gives me multiple highlighters to choose from, which is great for when my mood is changing. Some days, I want a simple and soft glow, and others I want something that could be seen from a satellite. This palette is perfect for summer because, well, the name says it all. I have also found that these powders work beautifully as eyeshadows, too!

10. Benefit Dallas Dusty Rose Powder Blush

My good friend Claudia introduced me to this blush 2 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. It delivers a beautiful, flushed pink, and is my favorite way to accent my cheek bones. I take a contour brush (my favorite linked here), and simply sweep it into the hollows of my cheeks, really taking the time to blend it in and up into the apples of my cheeks to avoid any harsh streaks.

11. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ‘Scorch’

One of my favorite easy yet effective eye looks is done with a metallic eyeliner, specifically gold, on my lower lash line. This pencil makes it so easy to swipe on, with a super smooth application. It even looks good when it smudges, and just adds to the smoldering look. Every time I use this technique, I get compliments and questions, and most are surprised that it’s as simple as a sweep of eyeliner.

12. Diorshow Mascara

I have been a longtime fan of Diorshow mascara. It is lengthening, thickening, and dramatically black. All the things I look for in a great mascara that I can use day or night. It also comes in waterproof, which is essential for the summer months.

13. MAC Prep + Prime Fix+

I use this as a finishing spray when I want to give a super matte look a little dew. Sometimes, I can go a little overboard with the powder, and this really helps to take that down and eliminate chalkiness. It is important to note that this is not a setting spray, which should actually lock your makeup in. That aside, it is a great skin finisher, refresher, and hydrator, and I’ve gone through more than one bottle.

Are any of my favorites on your list? If not, do you plan on trying any out? Let me know in the comments below, and as always thank you so much for reading!




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