5 Reasons To Have A Destination Bachelorette Party + Palm Springs


It seems like destination bachelor and bachelorette parties are the thing to do. To some, this might seem a little extra, but if that’s the case, I am proudly “extra”. About a year ago, I was preparing for my own destination bachelorette party, which took place in Palm Springs California. I knew from the day I got engaged that I wanted a destination party, but I was adamant that it would not be in Vegas.

Don’t twist my words, there’s nothing wrong with Vegas! I just wanted something a little different, and a little more me. With sun, drinks, colorful print fashions, and a swimming pool in every back yard, Palm Springs was a no-brainer for me. If you’re on the fence about having a destination bachelorette party, read on for five reasons why I think you should go for it!

5 Reasons to have a destination bachelorette

1. It’s a special time

Duh-this should go without saying! Getting married is usually something that happens once in a lifetime, and what better way to squeeze every special moment you can than by planning a trip to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. Vacations are already an exciting event, so tack that onto getting married and I promise it will be unforgettable.

2. It’s a great way for all of your wedding party to bond before the wedding

As I’ve mentioned in previous wedding posts, I had a pretty big wedding party-ten bridesmaids to be exact. Of these ten ladies, some were family members, some were coming from out of town, some were college friends, and some were high school friends. All that to say, I had quite the mix of friends who had never had the opportunity to hang out and get to know one another. If you’ve never taken a trip with ten plus women, nothing bonds you like a mimosa fueled flight at 7 in the morning, followed by a weekend of an ongoing pool party, table dancing, and drinking.

3. It’s a vacation among the madness of wedding planning

Likely, you will not be planning your own bachelorette party as this is typically a task reserved for the Maid of Honor and bridesmaids. Once you’ve given your MOH the rundown of what you’re hoping for (ie: location, activities, etc.), it’s her job to plan the ultimate fete, and it’s your job to relax! Amid all the hooplah of the wedding and planning, relaxing is a welcome word for any bride. The fact that you’re actually getting away makes it even better, and truly an escape from the madness. It also gives you something to look forward to BEFORE the wedding, which helps to break up the time throughout the year. As I already mentioned, squeeze every moment you can out of this year!

4. It’s a chance to test out a new vacation spot

Is there a city on your list that you’ve always been curious to visit, but make excuses not to? Maybe it’s not far enough for you to consider it a vacation spot, or maybe you think you’d rather save that money for a bigger trip to Europe. Whatever the case may be, this is the perfect time to throw your excuses out the window and just book it. Two to three nights is the perfect amount of time for a bachelorette trip, and gives you a taste of the city you’ve been wanting to try. If you end up loving it, you can return with your spouse once you’ve tied the knot, and relive the memories!

5. You can really let loose

Truth be told, I would’ve let loose anywhere I went for my bachelorette party. However, being away from home and knowing that the only people I would ever see again afterwards  were my closest friends (who were also ready to get loose) was a  comforting thought. As someone who has a lot of anxiety, I can often care too much what others think (even those I don’t know), which can sometimes hinder the amount of fun I should be having. Luckily, being a city where I didn’t know anyone allowed me to push that thought of out my head. There was no possibility of running into an ex-boyfriend or a high school acquaintance.

5 Reasons to go to Palm Springs

Now that you’re convinced on the why, maybe you’re wracking your brain for where. Keep reading for my top five reasons to have your destination bachelorette party in Palm Springs, based on my own magical experience!

1. It’s hot hot hot!

If you’re anything like me, or a lizard, the sun and heat is a big reason to go anywhere.  Palm Springs is the desert, and that goes without saying the temperatures are high! This goes really well with blended beverages, bright bikinis, and the rest of your summer wardrobe. All components of a great bachelorette party.

2. It can be done cheap…ish

Hear me out. There are ways to keep the costs down without missing out on any of the fun and keeping it a luxe weekend. Instead of booking several hotel rooms, fighting for sun chairs at the pool, and having to eat out for every meal, book a big house instead! There are so many amazing properties in Palm Springs, most complete with a pool and BBQ, it’s the way to go with a larger group. It also allows for meals in, so you can really splurge on those special nights out. With the aforementioned pool and BBQ on site, you can have a weekend long pool party, saving on paying to get into one or having to rent a cabana.

3. It’s Instagrammable as heck

Everywhere you go in Palm Springs is a photo opp waiting to happen. I’ve seen Palm Springs more and more on blogger feeds, and it’s easy to see why! No matter what filter you put on those snaps, they’re gonna look good.  In the age of social media, this is an obvious plus when choosing a destination.

4. There is no shortage of great restaurants and bars

Everywhere you go, there is bound to be a delicious place to fill your belly, and blur your thoughts quench your thirst. Straight after landing we hightailed it to Cheeky’s for brunch, equally good in its food and ambiance. As we strolled through the streets, peeking into shop windows with price tags well above our wallet’s contents, we stumbled upon the greatest little coffee shop that also crafted creative, coffee and booze filled bevs (are you seeing a pattern here? Promise I don’t have a problem). Not to be missed: the bathrooms with banana leaf wall paper; refer to reason no. 3! My two favorite spots of all were The Tropicale (definitely lives up to its namesake), and Toucans Tiki Lounge where we spent the evening after dinner. Both had great atmospheres, something I’m always looking for in restaurants!

5. It’s not Vegas

Been there done that! Vegas is fun, but overrun with bachelor and bachelorette parties, in my humble opinion. Apologizing in advance for you sin city die hards, but give it a rest and head to the land of palm trees and caftans. It’s a little more sophisticated, and lot less populated by frat bros. Promise you won’t be disappointed. Just see my photos below for proof!

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Have you been convinced to jet off for your bachelorette party? If so, I wanna know where you’re going! Even better, if you choose Palm Springs! Thank you so much for reading.



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