Must Have Foods In Disneyland + Where To Find Them

It’s no secret that I am a major Disneyland fan. In fact, it’s a goal of mine to go once a year because I simply need my magic fill. But aside from the constant magic that Disney always delivers, are the eats and treats I look forward to each time I go. Keep reading for my must have foods when in the land and where to find them on your next trip!

1. Monte Cristo Sandwich – Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square

Where to even begin with this beauty of sandwich? Turkey, ham, and Swiss cheese fried in a delicious batter, dusted with powdered sugar and served with a berry pure is what you get. It is simply life changing and you’ll crave it all the time. While pretty spendy for a sandwich at $21 a pop, it’s huge and rich and 100% shareable between two people.

2. Mickey Beignets – Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square

If you have any room left after stuffing your face with the delightful Monte Cristo, go for the mickey beignets for dessert. Powder sugar dusted fried dough with a vanilla creme dipping sauce? Sign. Me. Up. If you don’t want to have a sit down meal at Cafe Orleans to get these, you can also find them at the Mint Julep Bar also located in New Orleans Square, and in Downtown Disney at Ralph Brennan’s Express. Although they won’t be Mickey shaped if you pick them up in Downtown Disney!

3. Jumbo Turkey Leg – Carts in  Disneyland & California Adventure Park

The great thing about these jumbo turkey legs (besides looking like a caveman as you eat them) is that they’re an easy on the go lunch. These are one of my husband’s favorite things to get on a trip to Disneyland, and they found in various locations throughout both parks in the Disneyland Resort.

4. Dole Pineapple Whip – Adventureland at the Tiki Juice Bar

I don’t know what Disney goer doesn’t know about pineapple whips at this point, but they could not be left off of this list! It’s a delectable, tangy, soft serve that can be enjoyed on its own or as a float with pineapple juice. It’s the perfect thing to cleanse your palette after a jumbo turkey leg, and cool off in the California heat. There is always a long line for this treat, but you can avoid that by using the new mobile order feature within the Disneyland App-it’s an amazing time saver!

5. Adorable Snowman Treats – Pixar Pier in California Adventure

The lemon sister of the Dole Whip, this tasty treat was added to the rotation with the birth of Pixar Pier! You can get this citrus soft serve alone in a cone or a cup, or as an Instagrammable masterpiece known as the Pixar Pier Frost Parfait! A swirl of yellow and blue deliciousness, topped with a cherry.

6. Corndogs – Corndog Castle in California Adventure Park

Yet another item I have to get when at the Disneyland Resort. There’s not much to say here beyond the obvious, which is that these giant, golden, crispy, guys are delicious and the perfect option for a quick lunch! You can also find these in Disneyland at the end of Main Street, tucked behind the Plaza Inn in a little red cart!

7. Pickles and Pineapple Spears – Various Carts in Both Parks

A much simpler item, but the perfect fresh and juicy snack, whichever you choose. The jumbo pickles are my favorite snack to grab between breakfast and lunch, and the pineapple spears are always juicy and the perfect amount of tangy and sweet. It’s just something I’ve come to associate with Disneyland, so I can’t help but pick these up every time I visit.

8. Mickey Waffles – Carnation Cafe in Disneyland

Mickey Waffles are just one of those things you’ve got to have when you go to Disneyland. Whether you really love waffles like me, or you just want that pic for Instagram (also me), these will not disappoint! Though there are several locations throughout the resort where you can find these friendly breakfast treats, my favorite place to go is the Carnation Cafe. We’ve made it a bit of a tradition to have breakfast there on our first morning in the parks on every trip! There is no better way to get the magic pumping than by having a Mickey Waffle, watching all the other park goers pass by on Main Street!

9. Churros – Churro Carts throughout both parks

Churros! Probably my top item on the list besides the Monte Cristo. I must must must have at least one a day while I’m vacationing in Disneyland. This last time that we went, I was able to have several different kinds as it is already Halloween time at the Disneyland Resort. Variations they had were a cookie crumble churro with marshmallow dipping sauce, a s’mores churro also with marshmallow sauce, and of course a pumpkin spice churro with cream cheese dipping sauce. There are about 12 carts throughout both parks, so you can literally get a churro at every turn. Trust me, you’ll want one!

10. Mickey Pretzels – Carts throughout both parks

This is another snack that die hard Disney fans like myself will always tell you to get. There’s just something about a regular snack tasting better in Disneyland. Not only are they Mickey shaped, but if you’re feeling a little adventurous with flavors, you can try the cream cheese filled pretzel (a bit on the sweet side), or the jalapeno cheese filled option. I personally usually stick with simply salted!

Bonus: Krakatoa Punch + Uh Oa! – Trader Sam’s in the Disneyland Hotel

I couldn’t finish this list without mentioning any drinks! Yes you can find alcohol at the Disneyland Resort, and my favorite place to do so is at Trader Sam’s. Tucked behind the pool at the Disneyland Resort, Trader Sam’s is a tropical hideaway amidst the hustle and bustle of kids. Every time I’ve gone, the atmosphere carries the same vibes as fun bars at home, and all the drinks are delicious and creative. Both the Krakatoa and Uh Oa are served with somewhat of a spectacle. Don’t order either if you don’t want to be the center of attention!

Do you agree with my list of must have foods at Disneyland? Is there anything I left off that you get every time you go? Perhaps you’ve never been and you’re now inspired to go! Let me know in the comments below, and as always thanks so much for reading!








  1. October 28, 2018 / 9:12 pm

    The waffles are hands down my all time favorite thing to eat when I go to Disneyland. Along with Jumbo turkey leg, which is delicious with 50 packets of mustard lol

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