8 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

I don’t watch Game of Thrones, so saying “Winter is coming” just doesn’t feel right for me, but the season is basically here anyways. The days are shorter, the air is colder, and it leaves me wanting to stay indoors for the next 3 months. With the darker days sometimes comes a seasonal depression, something I am not immune to, that I’m sure others experience, too. In an effort to combat those winter blues, I’ve put together a list of some activities whether you want an evening of solo self care, or some ways to get your pals together before the sun makes her return.

1. Make a homemade soup

I love soup. It’s such an easy and nourishing meal, and usually makes enough for several nights of leftovers. One of my favorite ways to calm my anxiety and de-stress is to cook up a big pot of soup while listening to music (and for this time of year, Christmas music!)

2. Host a cozy movie night

Queue up some feel good flicks, and invite your pals over for an in-home night at the movies. Have everyone bring a dish, drink, or dessert and make it a dinner affair.

3. Fill your home with Candles

Candles are an instant mood booster. Not only do they fill the room with delightful scents, but they give off a pretty and calming glow. I light at least 3 candles the second I walk in the door  every day, and it just sets the tone for a relaxing evening after long day at work. Take it a step further and light a few on your bathroom counter and sink into a warm bath.

4. Decorate your home for the holidays

If that’s your thing! Probably the number one way I beat the winter blues is to embrace the season. That means putting up the Christmas tree, accenting all surfaces with fake snow, and tucking a sparkly deer figurine anywhere I can. All of this done with The Grinch playing in background, of course.

5. Check out a local holiday event

All about the holidays over here! And most cities are, too. Do a quick search of yours to see if they’ll be hosting any events throughout the season. My favorite is any type of parade or tree lighting ceremony. Make a night out of it, and round up few friends to grab dinner and drinks after.

6. Plan a trip

This one requires a little more effort and money, admittedly, but if it’s in your budget nothing beats the blues like looking forward to a warm getaway. For me, planning is half the fun of traveling, and I love having a countdown on my phone to check every day. If you’re not in the market for a bigger trip, consider looking into unknown spots near your home and plan a quick weekend jaunt! VRBO and AirBNB have some great spots.

7. Read a new book

Or several! Books have always  been a way for me to escape, and it’s a goal of mine to get back into a routine of reading. Some of my favorites are psychological thrillers, like Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, and The Good Girl. Similar titles, similar vibes.

8. Sign up for a class

Always wanted to learn a new language? Maybe you want to learn how to make creme brulee, or maybe you’ve always wondered why Soul Cycle is so popular. Whatever the interest, taking a new class is a great way to get yourself out of a cold weather funk!

How do you get through the winter? Maybe you absolutely love winter and wish it would last year all year. If that’s you, I can’t relate, but I’d love to hear about it!

Special thanks to my bestie Jen in  NYC for helping me compile this list. Check out her Instagram for all the NYC and travel inspo!



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