My Goals for 2019


My Goals for 2019

It’s December 31st, and holy hell that came fast. Now is the time that we all reflect on the year that has gone by, and make a new list of to dos for the next one. I can’t say that I’ve always been someone that has resolutions, and I’m for sure not one to stick to them when I do. I feel like the word resolution adds a certain connotation that almost makes them harder to stick to, as though it’s just setting us up for failure. Often times, our resolutions are far too lofty, and it’s easy to write them off as impossible once the first month of the year has come and gone.

For this reason, I’m calling this year’s resolutions my new year’s goals. I’ve always been a goal oriented person that likes to have a plan, so I think this moniker will actually help get shit done this year. Or maybe I’m just full of it. either way, today I’m sharing my goals, be them big or small, to hold myself accountable and perhaps inspire you all to do the same.

Continue To Grow My Career

This year, I took a bit of a chance, and I applied to a new role within my company. I honestly had never given any thought to this position, as I didn’t think it was a career path I wanted to take. Despite this, I was feeling stagnant where I was, and wanted to shake things up a bit, so I thought what the heck! I applied, I interviewed, and then I actually got the job. This taught me that taking a chance on myself can pay off, and as I head into the new year I feel confident that my professional life will only go up from here, as long as I allow myself to take more chances.

Read More Books

I absolutely love to read, but over the years it’s become less of a priority and more of a luxury when I find the time to do it. I received a book as a gift for Christmas, and having some time off, I finished it before even 3 days had gone by. It reminded me how much good reading a book does for me, from lessening my anxiety to making me feel accomplished once I’ve finished. I hopped on Amazon and ordered several more to keep me busy as I head into the new year. I even started an account on Good Reads to track what I’ve read and look for more literary inspiration. You can also join a reading challenge and pledge to read a certain number of books throughout the year! The perfect place for goal setting.

Be Consistent With + Grow My Blog

2018 was the year that I finally started this blog, something I had wanted to do for years. 2019 will be the year that it takes off (I’m speaking it into existence)! Working on my blog truly brings me so much happiness, and is the best outlet for my passions and creativity. In 2019, I’m making it a goal to be more consistent in updating my blog with new posts and photos, as well as stepping out of my comfort zone and extending my blogging network. If there’s any fellow bloggers out there, I would love love love to connect with you!

Spend Less Time On Social Media

A few months ago I tried out a social media detox (you can read about it here). It was so refreshing, and exactly the reset that I needed. This year, I want to make a bigger effort in spending less time online and on my phone. I plan to start small by banning scrolling at least 30 minutes before bed time, and picking up a book instead.

Learn To Love Myself

Now this is a lofty goal, but I believe that it can be done. Let me preface this by saying that I do not hate myself, but there’s certainly room for more love. My appearance is a constant source of anxiety for me, and is actually something I see a therapist regularly for. I am also constantly worrying about where I’m at in my life (my salary, my home, etc.), and whether I stack up to societal norms, which by the way are bull shit. This year, I am going to focus more on what I’ve accomplished and how I continue to grow, rather than where I think I should be.

I have many more goals, but we’ll start there. All in all, I’m really looking forward to a new year in which I continue to forge my own path, worrying less about what others think, and more about how I feel. I would love to hear some of your resolutions and goals, and how you plan to complete them. Thank you all so much who have supported me in my first year of blogging, and I hope you’ll continue to come back and see what I cook up for As Told By Jules! Happy New Year, and see you all in 2019!


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    January 1, 2019 / 9:20 am

    Great post! As usual.

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