February Bucket List + Little Red Dress

I am an incredibly goal-oriented person. Pair that with my anxiety, and I feel like I always need to be doing something, checking things off a list if you will. In an effort to feel productive and also enjoy life, I’ve put together my own “bucket list” for February. I use that term lightly, because these aren’t going to be major, life-altering, things. They will be things I’ve been wanting to try, whether it’s a new trend or a new recipe, tasks I’ve been meaning to complete, or even books I want to read.

February Bucket List

Clean out my closet. A serious overhaul needs to take place here. I might be one of the only people who has yet to watch Marie Kondo on Netflix, but everyone else’s posts about it + the amount of unnecessary crap I have has me wanting to hop on the organizational train.

Meet a personal savings goal. In January, I attempted a “no spend” month, and it actually went pretty well. I was able to see where I was spending unnecessary money, correct those habits, and put that extra money into my savings. I plan to do the same this month, but in a larger quantity!

Plan a warm weather getaway. With all the extra money I plan to save of course! Honestly though, I am craving sunshine, sand, bikinis, and a mojito like CRAZY.

Finish 2-3 books. This year I told myself I would get back into regularly reading. It feeds my mind and soul! I’m on my second book of 2019, and I don’t plan on stopping!

Go on a hike. Or several! I live in the Pacific Northwest, a damn goldmine for hiking. No more excuses, I need to get out there and complete a few.

Host a Galentine’s Day Party. I love this idea, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Since I am planning to host one in a few weeks, stay tuned for my post on it!

Take a winter weekend trip. This is already in the works! A group of my friends and I are heading to a cute little town just a few hours away to spend a weekend in a cabin. I’m so excited! I’ll definitely be recapping on the blog.

Try out yoga and Pilates. I’ve done both before, but i’ve never been consistent. My current workout routine consists of sprint sessions on the treadmill, HIIT bodyweight workouts, and weight lifting, all of which I love! However I want to switch it up a little more and add Pilates and yoga to the mix for those days when I still want to be active, but give my body a little rest.

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Now for the outfit, because what’s a list of goals without a great look to go with! I picked this wrap dress up for February, because with its red color, rose print, and ruffled details I thought it was perfect for the month of love! I love how flattering it is, and pairs so well with a denim jacket and white mules. A perfect transitional look into spring! Although I have to say, I was absolutely freezing! I’ll be saving this look for closer to April.

I think that’ll do it for this short month. I could have kept going, but then I realized i should save something for next month! Do you like to make monthly goals for yourself, or are you a go with the flow kind of person? As always, thank you so much for reading!




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