6 Valentine’s Day Movie, Snack, & Drink Pairings For A Date Night In

Dating? Married? Single? Whatever your relationship status, you can’t go wrong with a movie night in for Valentine’s Day. Being that it’s Valentine’s Day, you must have snacks and drinks galore to get through all those rom-coms.

For The Lovers

Movie: Moonrise Kingdom | Snack: S’mores Blizzard | Drink: Beer

Pick up these two camp inspired favorites to be on theme with this adorable flick. Listen, I thought ice cream and beer was weird, too but Ben & Jerry say you can.

Movie: Moulin Rouge | Snack: Cheese Board | Drink: Cabernet Sauvignon

Cheese and wine? Bien sur! They’re French, like the title of this movie.


For a Girl’s Night In

Movie: Legally Blonde | Snack: Chocolate Dipped Fruit | Drink: Rosé 

Pick up a bottle (or several) of Rosé to match Elle’s wardrobe, and chocolate dipped fruit to go with the rosé.

Movie: Crazy Stupid Love | Snack: Pizza | Drink: Sangria

Order a pizza to satiate your hungry hearts as you watch a shirtless Ryan Gosling. Then, wash it down with a pitcher of sangria. Both are easy options to serve several people.


For a Date Night With Yourself

Movie: Bridget Jones’s Diary | Snack: Fries | Drink: Vodka Soda 

Vodka is Bridget’s signature drink, and fries will help to soak it right up.

Movie: My Best Friend’s Wedding | Snack: Cake | Drink: Champagne

Cake for the wedding theme, and champagne to treat yourself. You don’t need someone else to celebrate; cheers to you!

Do you like to stay in or go out for Valentine’s Day? Tell me your favorite movie, snack, and drink pairings so I can try them out, too! As always, thank you so much for reading.



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