How I Use My Commute As Me Time

Like many people, my work day begins long before I get into the office. At least it feels that way being that I have such a long commute. Door to door, it takes me about 90 minutes each way…that’s 3 hours a day, 15 hours a week, practically a part time job! Except I’m not getting paid for it. I used to let this commute really get to me, and to be honest, some days I still do. But then I realized how much added anxiety this attitude was giving me, and I decided I need to turn this around. When I really thought about it, these 3 hours a day were actually kind of nice. Because I take a commuter train, I can actually use this time to be productive.It was pure, uninterrupted me time. Well, if you don’t count coughing, phone gabbing, loud music playing strangers as an interruption. But that’s what these headphones are for.

How I Actually Enjoy My Commute

  • Work on my blog. After I let my blog fall at the wayside, I realized how much it’s something that I actually enjoy, and that helps keep my anxiety at bay. The thing is, I felt like I never had any time to work on it after an 8 hour workday + 3 hour commute, cooking dinner, and fitting in a workout. Then I realized I had a whole chunk of time that I could be working on it, that also made my commute feel a lot less grueling.
  • Catch up on my TV shows. This one probably seems pretty obvious, as this is how most people pass their time, but I often times chose not to, as a lot of the things I watch are together with my husband. Recently I’ve started watching a few things that he doesn’t, so I love being able to get lost in these by myself, and before I know it I’m already home.
  • Read. This last year I made a personal goal to get back into reading. Like blogging, it allows me to get lost and calms a lot of my anxiety and stress. However, I felt like I never had time between everything else I have going on. Now when I’m in the mood for a good book, I settle into my window seat and get lost in a story.
  • Plan my workout. One of the many things on my to do list is working out. Not only does it keep me feeling healthy, but it also helps to keep my anxiety at a manageable level, so it’s an important thing for me to fit in. One thing that helps me stay on track wiht my workouts is having a plan rather than going into the gym blindly. I like to use my commuting time to either write out my own workout, or chose from my workout library on Aaptiv (my current favorite app). This way, I know when I get home all i need to do is get my workout clothes and head to the gym! Which is honestly half the work.
  • Catching up or getting ahead on work. Because I have such a long commute, I always try to leave at a certain time so that I have enough time to relax and do my own things once I get home. This can mean there’s a little of leftover work for me, which used to stress me out and interfere with my relaxing at home. Now I utilize my time on the commute home to get a little bit that extra work done, which helps me relax a little more as well as set me up for success the following work day.

It can still be an internal struggle to view my commute as a positive thing, but these things are definitely helping. Along with helping the time pass, they’re making me be a little mindful and in the moment, which is always something that I’m working on. Do you have a long commute? If so, how do you pass the time?

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